Monday, December 1, 2008

A Perfect Day

Not all days are idyllic down here... we have spent lots of time walking the wrong direction, finally finding our destination to find it is closed, putting tape on blisters, and miscommunication with the language and each other... but this last Sunday was perfect!.... a grand midday meal in a Japanese restaurant we finally found on a side street down a business hallway, a great afternoon at the polo grounds, and to top it off...a big outdoor comedy troupe performance that we were able to understand more than half of!

My plans to take lots of classes has been put on the back burner due to Universities being closed for "summer" break through December and the
relatively high cost of private Spanish classes. So instead, we have bought workbooks and a fancy dictionary and will see if we can learn on our own... (that is the big question... are we capable of self discipline down here with so many amazing distractions?) Every day, Dave picks up more and more phrases (he has found some great "old guy" cantinas where he watches soccer and practices). I find myself falling back on my pigeon Spanish learned in Mexico. I have learned to Tango pretty damn well though! I have had about 10 lessons now at the hostel from great patient teacher Rolando... I close my eyes as we zoom across the dining room floor and picture myself 6 inches taller, in a red rhinestone dress with 4 inch tango shoes.....

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