Tuesday, November 18, 2008

walking, walking, take a break......walking, wal...

our balcony view at night,

Checked out a fine arts cultural center/museum for classes, but the school was closed for summer break. At least the cafe in the center of the school was open...("chopp" means the house draft beer, about 1.75 $ for 1 and 2.75$ for two).

In the tradition of graffiti artists, I defaced a wall in our room and then told the owner. It felt good to take a left brain break from exploring, walking, walking, figuring out bus, maps, subway, and lots of trying to decipher WORDS in Spanish.


_=_=_ said...

Hey Jamye! Good to see that the blog is taking off! I have started a resource site for bloggers, not much there yet, but we are in it for the long haul. www.justsayblog.com

(remember me? I tutored you in Florence about blogging!)

frank said...

Looks great, sounds great!
What do expatriate Americans eat for Thanksgiving down there?