Wednesday, December 31, 2008

local haunts and faces, and feets

Hi folks; Dave here for the first time. I've been letting Jamye have all the writing fun, till now. Days have been great, just enough time to do some sculpture, some random sightseeing, play, eat, drink - is there more that I'm omitting? Oh, yeah, there's just plain not enough time to get to the gym - darn. the photo adjoining this is one of our neighborhood good places. Italian descended,Milan, pop and one of three sons and brother in law that run the place. Later evenings are all old farts, I fit right in, arguing politics and football. It's Dec. 31st, midday, I just dialed up the reg. gd. for holiday bowl stuff, go ducks, although I was hoping for a serious stomping, a wins agood thing. One of the apartments we are considering when we move in June is the fifteenth floor of a twenty five floor building hanging over the end of the polo grounds. All I want for Christmas is really good binocs. It's way to modern for Jamye's taste, mine too, actually, but polo form one's balcony! Got to consider it. There are another dozen similarly nice spots within a few blocks, but I kind of miss the seedier ones in our older, .lower class zone of San Telmo, Boca. Those of you who have had to hang out with me at all understand. Still deciding on New Years party, probably giant potluck at our good friends hostel on the edge of San Telmo, Monserrat. Nothing like a dozen languages, and dozens of traditional libations to make one forget English. moving on

This is a small bandstand in a small, about four blocks, park in our neighborhood. Sat. and Sun. late after noons, tango for the neighborhood! Sorry the phot doesn't pick up the amazing [handmade] shoes, but in the park on the weekend, tennies are just peachie. This neighborhood is too civilized, gentrified, alittle snobby, a little rich for our normal milieu, but we are digging it mightily while we're here. By the by, the local football club, River, or ClubAtletico de River Plate, has the really rugged nickname throughout the rest of the league of "Los Milionares" you can handle the translation. They should be called the Lions since they were 0 and 18 this just ended season. However our previous neighborhood team, Boca Juniors, Won the title after a round robin playoff - since three teams were deadlocked at the end of regular play. Big week for soccer fans, and bars with big screens filled early. - moving on

Ipromise, I'll get some closer looks at some of the se great shoes. AND if Jamye gets her way, as if that's ever been in question, I'll be taking dance classes soon, but I'll really look great in hand made shoes, probably red and silver, don't you think? again, onward

ok jazz fans, allow me to introduce Fats Fernandez, an Argentine jazz legend, and pretty well known in the states. He's the trumpeter of note on probably 100 albums stateside with most of the greats. He's pushing 70, both in girth an years' so when he performs live, it's tribute like. Just he and an awesome keyboard, who's name eludes me at the moment, but I promise to throw it in later. all his big hits and stuff that displays his incredible virtuosity, local jazz afficianados refer to him as the first Wynton Marsalis, and I see why. This particular venue "JazzClub" by name is really small, maybe 60 seats, very expensive, and a limited, unbelievably ezquisite menu, perfect service,etc. etc. that we'll be there again, no doubt. and onward - -

sublets come with maids, they're hiredannually, so if you move in, there she is, Ludmilla of Hungary, every Tues. from 10 till 2, after which she goes to the mother of the lady from whom we sublet. So we try to get really clean before she comes, of course. Just like everyone with amaid does, I'm sure. and on

our really good friend, Daniel, the owner of Hostel Sol, and part owner of two other hostels with two other friends, a100% energy fellow that we first met 4 years back. His place " the sun", is why I'm making "The moon", to put alittle yin on his yang. He was studying rock guitar and switched to jazz for about 6 years till he inherited the bulding where he decided to try hostel keeping. apparently succesfully enough to to partner into a couple more. We've become quite good buds with his wife, and future soccer star son abd future cheerleader daughter. If you visiy, you,ll most certainly meet him. I'm looking forward to tour guiding, or pub crawl hosting, or what have you. nuff fo now, Smith

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