Monday, December 22, 2008

here and there, ect.

This photo was taken under the awning of Dave's favorite 24 hour dollar burger joint, looking accross the street at one of my favorite big murals.... the burger stand has 6 kinds of sauce, beer and soccer on TV.

I have been making this portable puppet theatre out of one of our suitcases, this and that. I now have the address of the closest free public hospital, and i hope to make some visits with the theatre.

Garbage collection happens on a daily basis... freelancers go through and collect the recyclables before the city trucks come. This guy has collected cardboard only.

This painting in our living room has really grown on me. it is full of zest/energy/joy.

The final game of the Argentine cup Polo match was tooth and nail from the start. Dolphina was the team expected to win (they have won the last 4 years) but we wanted the underdog team to win and sat in their section... and they won! in sudden death overtime! here the crowd swarms out of the grandstands to cheer the winning team.

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