Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday night out in the city....

'Tango teacher Rolando and his new dance partner Natalie invite us to go on the 39 bus to a grand old building with a Dance Hall on the second floor.....

Here's beautiful Natalie ......

Towards the end of the night, a second generation famous tango dancer and his wife were introduced (I loved her shoes).

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Surftechlawyer said...

Hi Dave and Jayme:

Sign me up for Tango lessons this weekend!
And, I love your place. What a great adventure for you guys.

We are drying out from a cold rain storm. The snow on the mountains is absolutely beautiful.

My profile photo is from a Thanksgiving trip to Colorado. I am in South Fork, CO in this photo. Charlie's brother works at the National Lab in Los Alamos, NM and purchased some land and built a house on the Rio Grande in South Fork, CO. Check it out on Google Earth. It is a beautiful spot. On Thanksgiving, we enjoyed bison tenderloin shot be his nephew in Montana. A bald eagle joined us every morning atop a cottonwood tree across the river. And, the geese honked and floated down the river after a snow filled Thanksgiving. The big adventure was the 17 hour train ride from CA to NM. Amtrak is not the train system in Germany or even Italy. Nonetheless, the trip was fabulous.

Dad says hi. He is having trouble viewing the blog, as I think he mentioned. He would love an individual e-mail from you guys.

Lots of hugs and kisses,