Monday, April 27, 2009

a short trip up river....

We took the train from Belgrano station to Tigre, 40 minutes up river. The town and river banks were filled with beautiful old architecture from glory days when rich folk from Buenos Aries had vacation homes here. There is a huge network of canals across from the town, filled with summer homes, little cabins, shacks. It's a boat town, complete with water taxis, cabin cruisers and lots of work boats....

One long standing fantasy of Dave's and mine has been to find a big ole workboat without a motor, tow it to some nice spot, and make it into a live a board with art studio on the deck... a place where one could get messy and lazy. We saw lots of possibilities here. Who knows? Maybe next fall we will have one of those old boats (if the warnings about dengue fever from mosquitoes stop).

Here is a typical work boat loaded up with bottles of water and charcoal to deliver to homes up the canal.

There was a beautiful gambling casino from the old days that was crumbling away. The government spiffed it up and turned it into an art gallery. Here's a movie of the view from the elevated veranda.

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