Monday, April 27, 2009

out and about

Friend John came for a visit this month, giving us a good excuse to revisit our favorite restaurants. He was with us on our first trip to Argentina.

We have continued the search for our next place to live, hoping to find a big work space with high ceilings for Dave, a patio for me, furnished and close to subways etc. This place came close. This is a view from the terrace off the second floor apartment, looking down on the communal courtyard, shared by folks in an architecture firm, an Italian restaurant and a snack bar, all on the first floor of this building.

And this was the space we could have on the second floor. Off to the side is a make shift kitchen and the terrace. When I asked where the bathroom was, the manager said he would build one. Besides not being tall enough and light enough, it was too far out from town and I hesitate to get caught up in too much remodeling. So, we will keep looking.

Me modeling John´s new authentic panama hat and an amazing desert ... the boat was made of a light ginger mousse, with a choclate sail and mango slices for waves....

We returned to one of our favorite museums in the nighttime for some music. We had seen a small flyer posted on the side door to the garden earlier advertising ¨ jazz Brazilian guitar ¨music in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Museo Casa de Yrurti. Ah, to have this place to live and work in! The garden is huge, surrounded on two sides by a two story house. Huge sculptures of heroic men and women by Yrurti are all over the city.

Here´s a bit of the music we heard ....

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