Monday, April 27, 2009

Argentina textile artists at the Palace de Glace #2

This is one of our favorite museums... The Palace de Glace, right across the street from the Cultural Center Recoletta... a beautiful space that used to be a fancy dancing hall... two floors with an amazing sky light. One of the grandest buildings in the city, in my opinion. circular structure with circular opening at the second floor level, 100 foot opening, diametrically, leaving a circular mezzanin of about 80 foot width. the ceiling, roof,is a section of a sphere with a radius of the diameter of the building times pi. ( i surmise). This particular show was contemporary textiles. Quite a bit of woven metal strand, plenty of woven, or embroidered recycled plastic, assemblages of some fabric, some plastic, and pretty much whatever, in a youthful sense. Here and there, in this semi-paean to the exploratory, youthful zeitgeist were three or four traditionally woven pieces of fabric, dramatic scale realistic tapestries, lace collars and antimacassars of breathtaking quality. helped me appreciate some of the craftsmanship displayed in some of the youthful stuff.

For instance, this piece, to the left, is a flat work, framed, assembled of baby bottle nipples, diaphragms and prophylactics is a simple little statement , but very meticulously crafted. suitable for a lobby of a large public building, such as the welfare office, or the archdiocesan headquarters in any over populated metropolis.

local saturday marketeers, take note. outside the cultural center of recoleta, big tourist zone, about 300 craftsfolk display and sell every friday through sunday. these are the leading front of quality folk. they get their spot through the quality of their work and have better traffic and success here than many other craft venues. there has been a law for at least twenty years that street vendors will be licensed and pay taxes. never been enforced, nobody cares, till one day, someone from the city, unannounced, shows up and - show me your license and last years tax receipt, or leave -. this, however is argentina and it took about two hours to have banners strung everywhere and megaphone political folk rallying the troops. it's different, but a way of life. probably all be back to normal in two weeks. not kidding about the quality of the craftwork shown here. absolutely wonderful.

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