Monday, April 27, 2009

Rosario trip, #2

Rosario has about two million people. large enough for a race track, a polo field and two top level soccer clubs. it is on a tributary to the river plate, the parana river. quite clean and lots of fishing, sail boating and sailboarding going on. the pace of life is quite relaxed compared to buenos aires and we would love to live here but we´d miss so much of the cultural mainstream that is part of the hub that we´d be busing back and forth all the time. these works shown are by ruben baldemar . my goodness is he accomplished for a twenty eight year old. lots of spoofing on religious icons, mixing them with comic book super heroes, making kites or furniture with these images. light, fun, exquisite craftsmanship. google him up see what´s there.

its hard to tell from the photo, but the framing and other elements of this painting were 3D

and this is a life size reclining nude

this is, obviously, the back of a very stylish dudes head. in the Berlin Club in Rosario for contemporary Brazilian jazz, we sat behind this fellow who may be the epitome of hip in this smaller city, or perhaps the cocaine connection, since his waist was perhaps 16 inches. sorry we didn´t get a snap of his face, or his girls, who managed to listen to the tunes for two hours without once changing expressions. great club, great music, unusual people.

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