Saturday, May 16, 2009

This and that, part 1

just another look at regular food. that's a serving spoon laying on top, for a sense of scale. very moist chocolate cake with argentina's favorite topping, dulce de leche, between the layers and on top. dulce de leche is creamy caramel, incredibly sweet and gooey and everywhere. americans tend to be the hate it or love it type for this particular sweet. by the by, this is off the lobby of a small hotel in our zone. these little hotel cafes are frequently outstanding for quality and price both.

one of the serious side effects of our thursday night socializing in the name of political awareness is that after umpteen bottles of wine, and no one's understanding, the spanish/english conversation breaks down to, of all things, politics. you can see how seriously slurred the specific points of highly intellectual discourse become in the hands of experts. free drinks next week to whomever can recall two or more points presented.

a small cafe right in the heart of the business district. all formal black suited business types fill the place by 12:10, order one of a dozen daily specials, served promptly as opposed to the average argentine restaurant, dig in and discuss, what else?, futbol. this particular spot, la portal, the hallway, is maybe 15 feet wide and 60 feet deep. plenty of room for rubbing elbows. the business man´s cafe´s are pretty affordable and the quality is a nice B+. we, thank goodness, rarely have to venture to this over crowded section of the city. a half hour on packed, narrow sidewalks is quite exhausting, but, it´s the only place to get some things done.

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