Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Grand Grand Colorful Andes Mountains...

part of the tour package, a long, but far from boring ride up the Andes to a view of aconcagua, the tallest peak in the western hemisphere. this photo ain't it. aconcagua was totally clouded in on this particular day. not to worry, looking at these mountains is comprehension boggling. this first shot, not so clear, is a rock slide that must have happened all at once. the little rocks are house size, the others, city block size. didn't have time to walk close for a sense of scale so just trust me.

I just was awed by the variation in rock and color of these mountains... i cant wait to paint some of these landscape snaps... every corner brought a different view.

somehow, all these different minerals, types of stone, geologic anomalies, became really stirred up eons ago and probably erupted like a pimple in this long, 3,000 miles, rift that makes chile look like it's about to take a swim to new zealand. must hike and do some photos of at least part of this. better upgrade photo equipment. the steep cut bank in the foreground is normal high water for the spring melt but it, obviously, goes over this some years.

this certainly looks like a jamye painting but, it's just another ho-hum moment of the extremes.

different formations every mile, it seems. this seems like a soft sand stone from this distance. again, must walk into some of this. i have no doubt there's gold in them thar hills, silver too.

same spring river bank in foreground. what's on the other side of that ridge?

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