Saturday, May 16, 2009

This and That, part 2

Most thursday nights you will find us with the other Buenos Aires members of Drinking Liberally. I found out there are Drinking Liberally groups all over the planet that meet together to socialize, and this one has been our main source of comrade. The Buenos Aires group had been meeting in a club down town, but the volume of the music kept going up and all of us were getting horse from shouting. So now we meet at Sam and Nadie's house in Palermo. Through this gathering, we have met Texas oil people, students from all over the world, film makers, lots of computer geeks, expats from all over, and of course PorteƱos (Buenos Aires folks).

This photo is for folks up north that picture Buenos Aires as having a steaming tropical climate... note the yellow leaves and the shakey focus due to my shivers... It's now still dark at 7am, and dark by 6... was it just a few months ago that it was cooling off by 9 pm and we would be walking around in tank tops in the light? Seasons happen fast down under here... i have just bought gloves and one of those knitted hats with ear flaps.

Dave asked that i take a shot of this great old truck. I took it in the dark without a flash, and when i lightened it, there appeared this man...

the 49 studebaker lives! not so many old cars in buenos aires, but a few. don´t have a photo, but perhaps you remember the citroen 2CV? seem to be quite a few. mostly in perfect restoration, new ragtops, fresh paint, and looking very cool.

The Chineese Gate was not at the entrance to China Town a week ago... and its huge and made out of steel and concrete... in fact I just found out that 20 years ago, there was not even China Town...We come by here often cause its the main Belgrano bus and train stop, has great grocery stores, restaurants .... and Dave´s favorite old man bar is right across the street. this concrete entry gate is just the core. it´s being faced with terrific red granite and, i´m guessing, gold leaf will be added to the details. love this neighborhood. always bustly.

Now this may just like like a regular pigeon to you... but its not! Its a Paloma Picazuro, the size of a chicken, and our new pet. Every morning it waits for bread along with other smaller birds on this tin roof out our kitchen window.

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