Sunday, November 29, 2009

Argentine Sculpture and Drawing Exhibition, and Parties!

I missed the National Exibition of current Argentine painters, but made it to the Palace de Glace for the sculpture and drawing competition... this ceramic lady won second place (I would have given her first).

I go with the choice of the first place drawing... this, and most of the other drawings were HUGE....5 feet high..

This big drawing was done on stretched blue flowered fabric, painted with a white ground.

One night, we stumbled into a birthday party at a sidewalk pizza joint.  The one year old poodle got a pink chiffon cape, lots of toys, and a slice of pizza...

On another night at an outdoor cafe, a seemingly spontaneous parade happened, lead by musicians going home from work at the sunday outdoor San Telmo fair. The guy with his back to the camera was a fire eater, and seemed to be the leader. 

This week's food shots are, of course, a Thanksgiving feast!   Betty and Mike from New York invited 21 very cool folks from all over....

The man in the center is Umberto, one of our new landlords!  He was born in Nicaragua, has traveled all over, and will soon be returning to Costa Rica with Tony to their house there.  Tony and Umberto rented their just renovated 100 year old apartment to US!  The woman with glasses to the right is a fireball Argentinean that had me in stitches, and the woman in the teal dress (Bonnie) has her joyous and irreverent finger on the pulse of all sorts of groups of expats down here.   I am SO thankful to be here!

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