Sunday, September 20, 2009

workshops galore....

ok, you probably can't tell that what i am holding in front of me is a monkey puppet... but you had to have been there! Three doors down from our apartment, an art gallery holds workshops in the evenings, and "puppetry" turned out to be first a long dialog by the teacher regarding "getting in touch with your inner child," then walking around the room loosening up, then finally making a form out of newspaper and tape to "bond" with. Being a "child of the 60's," I felt I didn't need any more loosening up, and had hoped for a more left brain technical workshop dealing with making intricate marionettes...but hey, it was great fun. I am also taking a life drawing class here, and the teacher has fulfilled my desire to "tighten up" by helping me get more accurate with drawing. He is from Georgia (the Soviet Union, Georgia), down here getting a Masters in Art, and has that technical background I never got while throwing paint around in my university days... we have been working on the same portrait drawing for two sessions now, quite a change from 15 minute poses like I was used to.

At Central Cultural Recoletta, Dave and his sculptor friend talked me into taking a stone carving workshop due to the class needing one more student. I started out with a stone that was about two feet high, but after spending two hours making a 1/2 inch curve, I switched to a stone I can hold in the palm of my hand. One of the best parts of this class is where it is held, out here on the patio overlooking the city.

Here is Gabriel the teacher with the one other student besides me and Dave.

Just a little arty shot of two beautiful young girls yaking away while sitting on the step of this restaurant.

This type of little cafe is all over the business sections of town, where folks can run in for a quick snack. In the glass case are stacks of "miga" sandwiches: bread, ham, and cheese all sliced super thin and multi layered. They are what I imagine fancy english tea sandwiches look like, and you get a big plate of them for less than a buck.

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Living Vicariously said...

Talking about art without pictures!? How about photos of your drawing and the stone that fits in your hand!

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