Saturday, September 26, 2009

first prize, great jazz, good food with friends...a good week!

Dave and friend Fredrik from Sweden went to a fancy golf course (complete with three polo fields, lawn bowling, grass tennis courts, cricket field, large elaborate english style club house built in the 1830's) and played in a fund raising tournament for a local hospital... and they won first place! champagne and a trophy with a clock in it!

We found a great little restaurant at Plaza Dorrego near our house that has no cover music every night of the week... and good music too... and unlike most clubs with music starting at 10pm, music at Del Arbol starts at 7pm....

Mike and Alicia took us to Parilla Rincon near Parque Lazama ... the paella was amazing

A new find was restaurant Prosciutto on Venezula street in Montserrat... three floors, great home made pasta.... and one of my favorite deserts: flaming rum apple egg pancake

But one still cant beat the chorizos cooked on the street... this guy is cooking up a bunch in front of the Blues Club in Bocca neighborhood, getting ready for the big Bocca soccer crowds...

here is a fan waiting for his sausage....

last,but not least of all this week... our new dream apartment building, on the corner of Defensa and Indepencia....


yanqui mike said...

Man! That was truly the best lunch I've had in recent memory.

More to the point, it's not the food's the company!

But the food was super, no?

With much love,
Mike y Lili

Living Vicariously said...

I had no idea Dave was a golf pro! And as for the dream apartments... have you been inside one? If they're anything like the outside they must be amazing. I'm curious what they would cost!

Love you both,