Monday, July 27, 2009

Northwest bits and pieces...

Small town Ashland Oregon is home to one of the best theatre venues in the United States. Three stages, including this Shakespearian theatre have ongoing productions all year long. Theatre is still hard for us in Argentina due to not knowing Spanish well enough, so we got a good dose of it on this vacation.

Besides three days of Ashland plays, we find a bizarre little store front theatre in Cottage Grove and got to sit on old sofas and watch the "Hungry Crow Sideshow."

Maupin, Oregon is about as small as Mapleton, but in the summer, tourists come to run the rapids in big rubber boats, fish, ... swap stories and check out girls in the local bar...

Maupin is in the eastern part of Oregon, with the only green right along the river....Dave is getting some fishing tips from friend Bob Guard

Bob bought a piece of property in Maupin with some old rental cabins some years ago, and has turned it into a great little community of friends.

These guys are not the friends i was talking about (although i am sure Bob would rent one of his cabins to them). These guys live at the Seattle zoo, in a huge compound with creeks and trees... this group hung out at the people window for a long time... and so did I.

And one guy put his foot up to the window for me... yep, this is a gorilla foot... just imagine what you could do if your big toe was like this! Although shoes could be a problem ....

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