Thursday, July 9, 2009

back in the US of A......

(dave's words in regular type, and mine in italics)

We touched down in hip hip Eugene Oregon after 36 hours of travel time... the last 6 hours of which we concluded that it was better not to speak to one another ...thereby avoiding becoming ugly americans in foreign airports due to brain misinterpretation and synapse deterioration... we were back in the land of lawns and wall mart for 6 weeks, with a rental car and Argentine eyes.

one, of a bunch, of owner decorated, with post hippie left over paint, houses in a neighborhood that is predominantly greying hippies with lots of dogs, lots of colors, lots of tie dye and the pervading incense of patchouli and marijuana. also, predominantly vegan and macro eateries.

After a long sleep, we went to a friday night art walk in one of the older hip neighborhoods of Eugene... so many plants and lawns and flowers and trees...whats with this city where houses take up a third or less of their property with all the rest done up in plants (and weird metal dinasours)?

And wood, wood everywere, where was the concrete and stucco?

this is a restaurant fifteen miles from the beach, high in the coast range, where logging once was king. someone started collecting the antique logging gear and had a sort of outdoor museum of the gigantic equipment and then built this restaurant gift shop to go along with it all. the ridge beam is probably four and a half foot doug fir, eighty feet long. just love this type of construction.

lots of cars, but also lots of bikes, organic food, micro breweries

Enough! we are ready for new vistas in eastern oregon! (see dave's movie below )

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99 said...

Excellent views and very interesting pieces of art. Thanks for posting them.
Have fun!

-we miss you guys-