Sunday, July 11, 2010

A week of Architecture and Art

In our search for our next apartment, we have been spending some time in the Congreso barrio...what great architecture it has!

We have gawked at the building behind the red cupula for quite some time, and decided to investigate...

this is the back entrance!

And this is the main lobby.  Turns out it is the Palaco Barolo, now home of the facility of Architecture and Urban Design of the city....a fitting match I would say.

This is a church on Defensa right near our old apartment ....that's Christopher Columbus on the lower left.

Here are some building details from around town....

Now for Art....every year Buenos Aires hosts a huge exhibition of the top gallery's art with more sales happening in that week than the rest of the year combined  (ArteBA).  Last week I showed you the "best of show."   These charcoal drawings were my second pick.

But my favorite place to see art is still Central Cultural Recoletta....they always have a great mix of up and coming  plus established artists.   This first piece is three dimensional,  layers of photos and paint.

The other great thing about Central Cultural Recoletta is that the place is huge, with lots of rooms, so each artist gets a lot of space for display...

Food shot for this week:  Forget the fancy restaurants!  nothing beats a barbecue on the 4th of July!  Friend Kevin invited us out to his country place for asado on the grill to celebrate with other Yankees.  

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GretchJon said...

Sorry to miss the ArtBA! Looks like some really interesting stuff! Hope you had a great 4th with the group! Miss you all! Gretchen