Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Food of Patagonia...

OK, I know I said in the past that I would try to have one food pic in each entry, but I got so wrapped up in other aspects of Patagonia that I lapsed....however, now you get a WHOLE entry devoted to the food of Patagonia...And it is well deserved...Fresh lamb, finely grilled or smoked deer and wild pig that is Fantastic!  smoked and fresh trout and salmon...All sorts of berry compotes and glazes..... of course we had many " ho hum" meals, but I think there is a truism that in places where there are many months of cold, lonely/no tourists in site, no work except keeping the fires going,  people develop their creative cooking skills to a higher level.

My favorite place was this woman's little restaurant in Puerto menus, she only had the special of the day...amazing stews,  pork with homemade spetzel, and, as usual down south, too much of everything.


This guy used to be a famous singer in Buenos he and generations of family run a great little place in Puerto Deseado
A simple pizza and fettucini with wild pig 

And here we are  accompanied by Oregon friends Denny and Annie in Calafate's most recommended Parilla...  The next shot is of my plate of lamb...amazingly tender and delicate considering how large the chop was..maybe they should have called it sheep?
It was Cherry harvest time while we were down south...a nice way to end a meal or a post!

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