Sunday, October 18, 2009

Technicolor Buenos Aires

No, I am not now using exotic South American drugs...just having fun with my new photo editing program....I bought it on line along with a new camera on Argentina's version of Ebay, and picked it up near the presidential's some of the buildings surrounding the palace plaza.

And here is a shot of just one of the rooms in our local gymnasium (SUTERH, Sindicato Unico de Trabajadores de Edificios de Renta y Horizontal).....its a beautiful old building, three stories high, build during Avita's day for the city workers.

There is a huge swimming pool, roller skating, aerobics, gymnastics, a restaurant, and even boxing for girls!

On the political front, here is a scene of the same Plaza de Mayo that's in front of the presidential palace, but instead of looking up at all the buildings, I am looking at several groups of demonstrators.... I counted at least 6 groups that day....

And my food shot for this week was taken at the interior patio restaurant of the Museo Sivori, in Lagos Palermo Park...the big pitcher was filled with mint ginger lemonade... Dave had chicken with a lemon mustard tarragon sauce accompanied with a great chutney....I had a salad (but couldn't stop eating Dave's chicken..

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