Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big things/little things.. pics by Jamye, words by Dave

We have been continuing to think about our discovery of the big park along the river and the great MEAT meal we had there... have even checked out used bicycles cause the park made riding seem not so fraught with danger. So we went back... This is the start of the parkland nearest our place, about a half to three quarter mile wide and five, six miles long running all the way to the commercial downtown zone. A person can bike all the way, with the exception of waiting to cross five or six major roads. Some major intersections have long shallow grade pedestrian and bicycle overpasses... takes maybe thirty minutes of peaceful riding from our semi peaceful, semi suburban zone to the full throttle commercial crowd, faster than bus or subway... lots of informal pickup soccer, lots of commercial dog walkers, plenty of huge marble or bronze commemorative sculpture - commemorating wars and war heroes, of course, and some that are sculptures for their own sake. Lakes, jogger stretching stations, steak and sausage sandwich joints - just a fine place - also the only 100% public golf course is there... not a great course, but imminently playable.

Across a major road from the parkland, still within eight blocks of home, exists a string of six,eight restaurants. all spendy, but not too bad and all really good. pictured, is one where a whole roast lamb could be yours, or a portion for the milder appetite. this fire ring is under cover, but basically on the side walk...maybe 100 seats outdoors and 300 in airconditioned luxury. This ring, with lambs, long strips of short ribs, plus roasts of beef is called asado. big lumps, pictured, of serious hardwood making their own coals... and the most exquisite aromas. Inside the building is the parrilla..... real wood for coals but more conventional seeming barbecue system, excepting it's hugeosity. There upon happen honker steaks, chorizo, blood sausage, tripe, sweetbreads, long slabs of tenderloin and a real parrilla order is some of everything.... so, if four of us order parrilla for four, a steel pan on legs, full of coals with a stainless tray atop with "some of everything", probably eight pounds worth, which is why many people spend four hours at dinner. even at famous places 15 - 20 bucks apiece, including vino will cover it.

Most people find decorative graffiti a good thing. this guy, "artejarte" has quite a few pieces in our zone. the barrio is a little too upscale for political comments or offensive remarks about visiting football teams.... actually our local major league club, 'river", is derisively referred to as "los millionaires".... seeing some of the mansions in the serious zones, it's no wonder.

Now we have made it to smack down town....
Those tall ass buildings in the back are all brand new apartments, mostly purchased and are about50% international business folk, with expense accounts etc. The historic ship is simply tourist attraction, so this picture is mostly for our pirate friend Mick. It's the frigate General Sarmiento. I'd have taken a more comprehensive shot,but that's where we were standing. This zone is Puerto Madera, and it's just across the controlled canals, dikes, from the main commercial part of downtown.... maybe 50 buldings like the 4 or 5 shown. This Puerto Madera area is all only 10 or 15 years old... big business has too much money, ya know?

And so we end the day up on our own roof...here's the home parrila, on our terrace. on the fire are acouple two inch thick slabs of tenderloin from the chinese meat market up the street. Sorry about the gloating, but I think the meat bill was, like, four bucks for both. The bags of charcoal are real wood shapes of various sizes, no regular briquets for this kid. this was probably 11 pm, down to tolerable 65. Life is good, see you in my dreams write soon,dave

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Fourpoint said...

That Asador Grill looked great. Have you tried "Lechon" yet? It comes out nice and tender when cooked that way.

Glad we ran into ya'll tonight at the show, it was fun! Did you go to the Zappa show?